Our Unique Grams & Grains System...


When you look through the Salmologic UK range of products you will notice all of our rods are recommended with a Grams and Grains rating, we call this the G&G system.

We have thrown away the old and broken AFTM ratings, for years this caused confusion, one companies #7 was the equivalent of another companies #9 and it made life very difficult for customers to choose the right line for their rod. To add chaos to the mix some manufacturers gave a rating 'window' of say #8/9/10, further adding confusion as to which line you should put on your rod.

At Salmologic UK we know what makes a rod and line 'work' you will find a rod with a single rating and lines of a single rating, making line choice exceptionally easy. If you fish with other brands of rods yet know your exact line weight in grams or grains then your fishing experience will be enhanced by using the correct weight of line for that rod.


We don't expect you to learn the ins and outs of grams and grains overnight so to help you along the way we have provided a guide as to how the translate into the AFTM system or the 'old money' as we refer to it. 

At Salmologic UK we have experience with rods from companies all over the marketplace, we know what feels right when it comes to lines, feel free to get in touch if you need help in matching up your own equipment. 

  • 12 Grams / 185 Grains - Single handed #5
  • 14 Grams / 216 Grains - Single handed #6
  • 16 Grams / 247 Grains - Single handed #7 / 
  • 18 Grams / 278 Grains - Single handed #8 / 
  • 20 Grams / 308 Grains - Single handed #9 / Double handed #4
  • 22 Grams / 340 Grains - Double handed #5
  • 24 Grams / 370 Grains - Double handed #6
  • 26 Grams / 401 Grains - Double handed #7
  • 28 Grams / 432 Grains - Double handed #8
  • 31 Grams / 478 Grains - Double handed #9
  • 35 Grams / 540 Grains - Double handed #10