Gravity Reels


Gravity is the first reel series available from salmologic. Designed from the outset to balance the rods perfectly, you can be sured your setup will be perfect when you pick the correct reel using our G&G ratings. Our reels are a labour of love, each precision engineered using the finest components available to provide you with a flawless performance. Even the anodising finish is of the highest quality ensuring the coating stands up to the use and abuse we put our reels through during a season on the water.



Reel specifications:

  • Size No. 1 line capacity 16-18g / 247-278 gr - reel weight: 217g

  • Size No. 2 line capacity 18-24g / 278-370 gr - reel weight: 247g

  • Size No. 3 line capacity 24-31g / 370-478 gr - reel weight: 268g

  • Size No. 4 line capacity 31-38g / 478-586 gr - reel weight: 285g