Our Leaders...

No part of the fly fishing set up is neglected more than the leader! It is the difference between becoming a more efficient angler and being stuck in the 20th century. At salmologic we understand how to properly put together a leader for the conditions faced, that is why we offer such a wide variety because there is NO one size fits all!


Logic coated leaders

Many of us would refer to this as a polyleader. There is individual leaders for each line weight, and within them there are several densities allowing you to control precisely which depth you wish to fish your fly.






Logic nylon Leaders

Tapered leaders that have proven themselves time and time again over the years. The amount of research and development to get these leaders 100% right is mind blowing. You will feel the difference when you choose to fish the salmologic nylon leaders!






Salmologic Tippet

The tippet material market is overrun with advertising slogans and paragraphs of hype that really are not true. Our leader material is simple Nylon tippet that has never let us down. You do not require special knots, it is extremely durable and retains a high knot strength.