Our Line Series...

Flyfishing lines have continuously been evolving over the past 20 years. Salmologic is at the forefront when it comes to line design for practical fishing scenarios, so the flyfisher can present his fly at the correct speed, spot and depth where the fish may be holding.






Logic Heads

The perfect solution for the effective Scandinavian-style of fly fishing. The LOGIC heads range from 7.0 meters to 10.5 meters, in 9 different weights and with incredibly small loops. 








Short Cut Heads

Do not underestimate their ability to cover water! These are the perfect lines for fishing in the smaller rivers we encounter in the UK & Ireland, available in four densities the short cut heads WILL help you catch more fish.









A purpose made weight forward line for salmon and sea trout fishing. No joints between the head and running line. The shooter lines have an incredibly strong turnover yet land with the delicacy required for presenting the fly. Available in a floating as well hover. These lines give you an unfair advantage over the fish!







Running Lines

Coated and monofilament running lines ahead of anything else on the market! The worlds smallest loops and a tapered section at each end makes the coated running line the No 1 choice, but if you feel up to it try the mono and get ready to be blown away!








Nordic Heads

Designed for saltwater fly fishing the unique taper within these heads allows for the ultimate loop stability. Providing you with longer casts for when you need to cover vast stretches of coastline.