Our Nordic series...

All the rods in this series have full wells grip with an up-locking anodized aluminum reel seat. The blanks are light and well balanced, so working with them for a full day will seem effortless. The lower parts of these rods are extremely powerful. All of them are designed as short stroke length actions and this is what makes them delightfully smooth when casting one long line after another, all day long at a coast, lake or river.


Nordic 9’0” 4-pieces

Line wt. 12 grams/185 grains

The perfect size for fishing dries, small streamers and weighted nymphs in small rivers and creeks. This rod is a total pleasure-creator, as it is more than capable of reaching distant targets and making the perfect presentation, which will trick the difficult trout to grab your fly. Yes, it is the original dreamcatcher, and loaded with a WF Shooter, you will have the right tool for the job.



Nordic 9’ 4-pieces

Line wt. 14 grams/216 grains

The lightest rod on offer from salmologic but don't let the line rating deceive you, an incredibly powerful rod that excels at presenting your fly delicately even at long range. This rod has been extremely well received by users across the UK, matched with the 14 gram WF Shooter you will not want to put this rod down! 




Nordic 9’ 4-pieces

Line wt. 16 grams /247 grains

This rod will be your best companion for coastal fishing around our shores. Exceptionally well rounded performance, addictive and above all just good fun to fish with. If we were taking one rod on our travels for salt water fly fishing then this would be our pick.











Nordic 10’6 4-pieces

Line wt. 16 grams/247 grains

The latest addition to the Nordic range and at first glance you might wonder at its uses. The marriage between length and the light line make this an incredibly enjoyable tool to use. Ideal if you do a lot of deep wading when fishing the shores, or match it with the short cut heads if you fish smaller overgrown rivers where attaching the bottom handle allows you to use it as a small two hander in the tightest spots. 






Nordic 9’6” 4-pieces

Line wt. 18 grams /278 grains

This rod is a bit of a classic and one that Henrik uses time and time again when fishing for Danish sea trout. In the UK & Ireland we have unlimited uses for this rod. The power within the lower portion of the blank makes it ideal for the longest of casts when you really have to 'search' vast areas of water. Its uses do not stop at saltwater, the 9'6'' 18 gram makes a superb rod for Pike fly fishing, capable of throwing big flies, just ask how we rig this up! Add on the straight handle and you have a superb fighting butt which helps get the big fish in quick.