Henrik Mortensen

Salmologic Founder & CEO

No doubt if you fish for salmon or sea trout then you will have heard of Henrik Mortensen, watched one of his DVD's or maybe read his book. For over twenty five years Henrik has been designing and developing fly fishing tackle, with many of these designs becoming industry standards throughtout the fly fishing world.

Along with his design work Henrik has a long career as a fly fishing instructor, carrying out numerous casting and fishing seminars arond the world as well as demonstarting at some of the worlds most famous fishing shows. Having worked as a guide for many years his wealth of knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to what is required of your fishing tackle when you are out on the water. With all this experience under his belt Henrik set up his own comapny in 2014, Salmologic!

Now in 2017 salmologic offers four rod ranges, precision engineered fly reels, the most complete line system on the market and all the accessories that you need to make your fishing as easy as possible.  With Henriks dedication and the support from his team you can be assured salmologic will be a forerunner in the industry!


Michael McMenamin

AM Angling & Salmologic UK

A few years ago I ventured into the fishing industry and set up the shop A.M Angling, not only was it to be a retail outlet but a source for advice and to help anglers whether it was with their fly casting, set up or fly tying tips. The support from customers was superb and the business has grown remarkably in a few short years. For me the most important thing for a customer when they walk out the door is not that we have sold them another load of stuff, but they have the product they need, the right tool for the job!

Salmologic fits in perfectly with this thinking. I know when i put all the components together that it will work perfectly, with information from our customers we can put together the right rod and the right line for their own situation, whether its fishing narrow rivers with switch rods or traveling to the wide rivers of Scotland where the user needs to cast heavy lines and heavy flies.

I am extremely proud to be the salmologic partner for the the UK and Ireland, working with Henrik and his team is unlike any other business relationship, we are always providing customer feedback, suggestions and requests. I think the term 'Partner' used by the brand for their retailers is fitting, its about working together to provide the best products possible for the users out on the water, as an angler I know of the benefits from using every product which is why i can recommend it so strongly.