Rods designed to perfection....

Perfect fly rods are never designed in offices, they should be created in the same environment in which they are to be used… on the water, in the wind and near the fish. 

Serenity by Salmologic

Serenity series is our new high-end rod series; a series that has been on its way for a very long time. We launched salmologic in June 2014, and our goal was not to be among the best, but to be the best! Our new serenity series is proof that we strive and manage to fulfill our goal. The serenity series is also the first series of rods that bears our newly designed signature grip handle. This is “the” handle we believe is the perfect handle for fly casting and fly fishing. 

Dorado by Salmologic

It could have been called the Predator series, as this series is not only for dorados but also for mean predators, like our own Scandinavian pike! The two rods in this series are designed and developed to cast big flies with ease… and you will find that the rod does all the work.

Skyborn by Salmologic

Skyborn is the first high end rod series from salmologic, the cumulation of 32 years of fly casting, instruction and fishing experience. Every rod in the range was painstakingly designed with specific tasks in mind, whether it’s for casting large flies and fast sinking lines early in the season or delicately presenting a small double to a spooky fish in a shallow pool. Skyborn is made to perfection.

Nordic by Salmonlogic

Nordic rods by salmologic were designed for the coastal fishing in Scandinavia, however they fit in perfectly to applications for both salt and freshwater use here in the UK and Ireland. If you are chasing the dollaghan, sea trout or the atlantic Salmon, along our rugged coast or battle big pike in still waters, then there is a rod suited to your requirements.