You will hardly notice the loops travelling in or out through the guides.

Salmologic offer two types of running lines. Firstly the Logic Coated running line, made with with an extremely supple braided core coated with and advanced resin, what does this mean? ........ an extremely slick and memory free running line that is easy to handle. You will also notice these running lines are double tapered, meaning that each end is tapered which adds stability to those really long casts whilst allowing a smooth energy flow. Pay attention to the specific weight of running line you need, it will affect the casting performance greatly.


  • For line weights from 14g/216gr to 20g/308gr we recommend size 0.028”
  • For line weights from 20g/308gr to 24g/370gr we recommend size 0.030”
  • For line weights from 24g/370gr to 31g/478gr we recommend size 0.032”
  • For line weights from 28g/432gr to  35g/540gr we recommend size 0.034”


We also offer two weights of monofilament running line, but before we go any further, its NOT for everyone. It requires takes time and experience to get used used to it but once you grasp it then you reap the benefits. Our mono running lines are oval shaped and have the just the right combination of stiffness and softness that hardcore anglers and competition casters love.