Shooter WF


This is by far the most superior WF line ever produced for the modern fly fisher. The Shooter WF lines are developed with an advanced taper for a better feeling, control and presentation; a very refined tapering which works well for both overhead and spey-casting. Under demanding conditions, such as wind or a “no back-cast” situation, you will find our Shooter WF lines to be very unique and different from anything else you have ever tried.

For 2018 the Shooter WF is now available in four variations. The floating  is designed for delicately presenting smaller flies to those difficult fish. If you wish to try dry fly or hitch fishing for salmon then there is no better line. The hover version, where the running line is floating, but the head is produced in a hover density, which places the head “just below” the surface of the water, depending on the speed of the current. This density is a perfect choice for fishing wet flies for salmon or big trout on the coast, lake or a in river where the conditions call for the line to be just beneath the surface. New additions to the shooter family are the float / intermediate tip and the float/sink 2 tip. Both of these lines feature a 12' tip of either intermediate or sink 2. The Sink 2 tip will be a great addition for those who fish for salmon and sea rout on narrow rivers where you do not want a connection between the head and running line.

All of our Weight Forward lines work perfectly with their matching logic leaders, so you can dial in the depth you want your fly to fish.