Design is important, but functionality equally so.
— Henrik Mortensen

It has never been a secret that I’m convinced that the curved handle is one of the greatest inventions in fly rod development in the last decade. This is also the reason why I have worked intensely on improving upon it over the last many years.

I have spent many hours (especially the last two years) thinking about the lower handle, and testing and redesigning it. I was very focused on getting the lower and upper handle to be a complete and unitary design. We have now finally created what we strongly believe is the most balanced and functional handle ever made for all double hand and switch rods – the signature grip handle. 

This newly developed signature grip handle has been tested for all the aspects that are involved in both casting and fly fishing, for both novices and experienced fly anglers. A handle that was already exceptional has just become even better. The new signature grip handle gives you a more natural and relaxed grip than any other handle I have developed in the past. This new version of the attachable handle will help you cast better; your tracking and your line control will be upgraded enormously - factors that are imperative to make that easy and impeccable cast that will give you the perfect presentation… which means everything in all fly fishing.

With the thumb on top and the shape of the handle it is impossible for the rod to twist during the casr!

Sometimes “less is more” when it comes to fly casting - one of my favourite expressions to use when I am instructing. The new signature grip handle will decrease the amount of power you must put into the rod, naturally enabling you to focus more on using your lower hand as the engine of the cast. The shape of this lower handle will simply guide you to cast better. Furthermore, it will give you a natural and direct feedback if you are doing it wrong.

“The salmologic grip handles of all the new salmologic rods are made from third grade Portuguese cork, resin and polyurethane that, compared to traditional cork, is better looking, and will give you a better grip. And even better, it will age with far more dignity.