My true aim is to make you smile every time you grab your Skyborn fly rod – knowing that this rod has taken your fishing to a new level.
— Henrik Mortensen


No super duper fast actions or increased accuracy nonsense. No glues made with moon dust and then frozen by cryogenic scientist. At salmologic we do not rely on the marketing nonsense used by so much of the fishing industry, what we have brought to the table with our skyborn series is a range of twelve rods, all designed with s specific task in mind. The single line rating ensures you get the rods watched up with the correct line weights without any fuss! 




We at salmologic prefer the bent grip handle, when held correctly it keeps the rod straight, ensuring you use the full backbone of the blank. 

However we know some customers prefer the look of the straight handle so we made the handles detachable. The Straight handle is available as an accessory in two sizes so you can use the rod with the handle of your preference by simply inserting it into the reel seat and screwing in the butt.




SH rod, 10’0” 4-pieces

Rec. line weight 16 grams/247 grains

The ideal single hander for sea trout and salmon. Superb line control, feeling and the dexterity to present the fly as softly as possible. When matched with the 16 gram/247 grain shooter the rod feels like an extension of your arm, just point and shoot. The light line rating allows you to fish with it all day and never feel fatigued. 




Switch rod, 11’0” 5-pieces

Rec. line weight 16 grams/247 grains

This is one of the lightest switch rods available today. The perfect choice for fishing on the smaller spate rivers where a delicate approach can prevail. With the 16 Gram short cut heads the fish will not even see you coming, hitching and dibbling with the added length is even easier, it really isn't fair on the fish.





SH rod, 10’0” 4-pieces

Rec. line weight 18 grams/278 grains

This single hander is the perfect all rounder for migratory species like the Salmon and Irish Dollaghan. It has more than enough power to fight the fish under your terms but yet also has the finesse to present the fly exactly where it is required. Equally at home casting floating lines and small doubles as well as a hefty tube on our sinking heads to tempt the fish out of turbulent runs.



Switch rod, 11’0” 5-pieces

Rec. line weight 18 grams/278 grains

The one rod no fly fisherman should be without! If we were asked to pack only one rod with us to a random location the 11' 18 gram would have to be it. We could go on and on about this rod but match it up with our short cut heads and you WILL catch more fish! The ultimate switch rod.




DH rod, 11’0” 5-pieces

Rec. line weight 20 grams/308 grains

Perhaps the lightest double handed rod on the market. We had great success using this on the small rivers of Ireland where there was just no room to manoeuvre a larger rod. The 20 gram lines have enough power to turn over the bigger flies the switch rods could not, making this the perfect weapon when faced with a roaring flood on the narrow waters.





DH rod, 12’1” 5-pieceS

REC. Line wt. 22 grams/340 grains

A new addition to the skyborn lineup for 2016 but has been well tested over several years. Ideally suited to fishing small deep rivers where the paring with the short sinking heads makes this rod a pleasure to use yet also perfectly at home presenting small flies and long leaders on bigger rivers when they are running low.



DH rod, 12’6” 5-pieces

Rec. line weight 24 grams/370 grains

You really have to try this rod to believe the power that lies within the blank. Although it casts only 24 grams the 12'6'' is amazingly powerful. It is already gaining a 'cult' like following by those in the know. Perfectly at home on medium sized rivers do not be afraid to try it on big rivers like the Scottish Dee where it has already proven itself time and time again.





DH ROD, 13’0” 6-PIECES

REC. Line wt. 26 grams/401 grains

This is one of Henriks classic rods, with an action that is familiar to those who have fished with his designs before. However modernised into a six piece rod that is easy to travel with. For me the big appeal for this 13 footer is the 26 gram line rating, giving the angler access to the short cut lines, allowing you to fish every inch of the water in front of you.



DH rod, 13’3” 6-pieces

Rec. line weight 28 grams/432 grains

If you are faced with fishing wide rivers that are at summer low, or perhaps your quarry is especially 'spooky' the 13'3'' 28 gram can be the difference between failure and success. The key is the light line, which lands so softly you could fish a dry fly from it. When faced with low water conditions, sometimes the key to success is persistence, the lightness of this rod and line combination will keep you on the water without feeling tired, because the next cast could be the one!




DH rod, 13’1” 6-pieces

Rec. line weight 31 grams/478 grains

There really is something different about the 13'1''. The first time we tried it, the rod had to be pried from my hands so we could move on to try the others. It has a unique action all of its own that is too euphoric to put into words. For the user you feel every gram of the line load and unload the rod blank, one of the reasons we use it for all of our teaching. The perfect companion for fishing large rivers in the spring and back end.


DH ROD, 13’7” 6-PIECES


The Skyborn 13’7” is a light and well balanced “canon”,  despite a casting weight of only 33 grams. Perfectly suited to fishing our home rivers such as the Blackwater or Spey early in the season yet the six piece configuration means its ready when you take that trip abroad in search of silver. Do not be afraid of rigging up the heaviest of sinking lines with this weapon, sink 5/6 heads with sink 7 tips followed by healthy servings of large flies, you will be amazed at how easily it operates.




DH rod, 14’3” 5-pieces

Rec. line weight 35 grams/540 grains

The most powerful rod we offer at salmologic. When you are faced with huge rivers and need to present the biggest flies to the biggest of fish then you want our 14'3'' - the working horse. Despite the power and size of the rod it still only casts 35 grams, this lets you fish for days on end without losing the determination and focus you need to hook up with that big one. The five piece configuration makes transporting it easy as well as allowing us to tweak the action perfectly to let you feel the rod working in harmony with the matching 35 gram Logic lines.